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Who We are

Family home

Ā«Leaving a window open in the history of a family, on loved ones, on one’s childhood: here, Casa Checca represents this for us!

Passing in front of it and seeing it closed, empty, worn out by the years, it was a sinking heart … the mind traveled and we still seemed to hear those voices, those laughter and that warmth that we breathed.

Grandmother and great-grandmother lived in this mansion for over a century while running a small grocery store that still exists today and is just a few steps away.

Great-grandmother Angelina was called “the Nurse of Cimini”, because all the children who could not be nursed by their mothers were brought to her.

Grandmother and great-grandmother had a common denominator: a contagious smile and the lively eyes of those who have always faced life with tenacity!

Renovating this house was like giving a new life to our history, to our family, to grandma Checca !!

We did it with a lot of effort, but above all with a lot of love, so that Casa Checca became a place where guests could spend pleasant moments, cooking again and looking at the breathtaking view that grandmother and great-grandmother loved so much.

Finally, chatter, laughter and emotions from the new guests will populate our home again !! “